Port Rowan in 1:64 – technical difficulties (again)

Please stand by…

Bars and Tone

… because I’m once again having technical difficulties with my main website, Port Rowan in 1:64. I can’t sign into the blog to manage it – which means I can’t update it, or add new posts, or approve moderated comments, or…

I’ve tried all the usual things such as resetting the password, but nothing has worked.

I’m discussing the issue with WordPress so I’m not looking for suggestions at this time: Just letting you know.

New look for Lance’s website

This is good news…

Like many of my readers, I’m a big fan of the work that Lance Mindheim has been doing to encourage hobbyists to build what I call “achievable layouts”. I’ve always been frustrated, though, that Lance’s website and it’s always thought-provoking blog 1) was not searchable and 2) did not support RSS or other means of automatically notifying me when he’d posted a new entry.

Apparently, I’m not alone: As Lance notes in a post from last week, he’s in the process of addressing these by migrating this website engine over to something that includes a WordPress blog (the same blogging engine I use here).

The RSS feed does not yet appear to be active. But I will post an update as part of this post when it is.

I know Lance will be pleased by the change, particularly the ability for readers to follow his blog. I have two following options on this blog and I’m flattered by the number of people who use it to keep tabs on what I’m doing.