Pardee Peninsula Pizza Party

Yesterday, my friend Stephen Gardiner organized a work session for Liberty Village – his HO scale shelf layout that models a section of a one-time industrial neighbourhood in downtown Toronto.

The Gang's All Here
Clockwise from left: Mark, Dan, James and Stephen are Getting Things Done

A capacity crowd – Dan Garcia, James Rasor and Mark Zagrodney were also on hand – tackled wiring and track-laying projects, with most of the work focussed on the Pardee Avenue peninsula.

It was a terrific day, despite a rare mid-winter thaw and heavy rain warning, and we made excellent progress. Click on any of the photos in this post to read Stephen’s full report on his website.

Pardee Ave Peninsula
An overview of the peninsula, after an afternoon’s work and a good clean-up by Stephen. Weights and pins keep glued-down track in position while the caulk dries…

Soldering along Liberty Street
Stephen captures a plume of rising smoke in pixels as I solder drop feeders to the main bus near the Parkdale (CPR) staging area

Thanks for a great day, Stephen – and thank Heather for the awesome cookies! I look forward to our next work session. Not too many more, and we’ll be running the first trains!


(I’ve turned off comments on this post – but you can always join the conversation on Stephen’s website!)

Breaking ground on Liberty Village

Doug, Ryan and Stephen building benchwork.
(Doug Currie, Ryan Mendell and Stephen Gardiner assembling some of the trickier bits of the benchwork)

On Saturday, some friends and I collected tools and paid a visit to our friend Stephen Gardiner to get a start on benchwork for Stephen’s new project – an HO scale layout based on the Liberty Village area of downtown Toronto.

Rather than duplicate the report here, I’ll direct you to Stephen’s excellent blog, Musings on My Model Railroading Addiction. You can read his report – and contribute to the conversation – by clicking on the image below:

Circular Saw Society

A great time was had by all – and it was wonderful to take part in the first steps to a new, achievable layout. I’m glad I could help!