Pine Street :: Robin made my day

I started this blog, in part, as a way to share some ideas for layouts that I’d love to see built.

They’re all prototypes that are achievable – so they can encourage people to get out of the armchair. And they’re all based on real, interesting places – so they can encourage people to try their hand at prototype modelling, which I think can be so much more challenging and rewarding than freelancing.

There’s something magical about bringing a real place to life in miniature – about being able to show others (in and out of the hobby) a photograph of a real location, and how you’ve modelled it, and see the connection being made.

That said, I also realized I was unlikely to build the achievable layouts I share on this blog. I think they’re great prototypes, or I would not have shared them – but I have my own project underway and I can only really build one layout at a time.

So it’s great to see that Robin Talukdar has started building a portable layout after discovering my post on the Canadian National Railway’s Pine Street spur in Thorold, Ontario. Robin actually plans to model another spur on the CNR, between Kitchener and Elmira. But he was looking for something more along the lines of an Inglenook Sidings to build while he finishes his layout room – and the paper mill on Pine Street fit the bill as a slightly more complex Inglenook project.

Robin has posted about his project on his blog on the Model Railroad Hobbyist forums, as well as on his Waterloo Spur blog. It’s great reading – and really made my day to discover that one of my musings is coming to life.

Thanks Robin! I hope to see your work in person some day…