The Gift of Galt

I was pleased to hear from a friend over the holidays who told me that – after reading my blog entry about the CNR Waterloo Sub to Galt, Ontario – he grabbed his copy of To Stratford Under Steam, got inspired, and started building the yard at Galt in HO scale on an L-shaped shelf.

My friend had been struggling with a layout plan until he realized he had been trying to do too much in terms of size of layout and scope of the prototype he was trying to capture. He re-read Lance Mindheim‘s books and blog, then my piece on the Waterloo Sub as an achievable layout, and that’s all it took.

Yesterday I learned that the track is in and wired, and he’s able to run trains. He has also painted a basic backdrop and is starting to work on scenery and planning structures. In his email, he made the following observation:

So far, good fun, and I am quite taken with the minimalist approach to building a layout. I’m enjoying being able to come down and have an operations session that can be 10 minutes or over an hour, whatever time allows. It’s very therapeutic!

This just made my day. I’m really, really pleased that he’s making such progress and that he’s enjoying the layout. And that my blog played some role in getting him started? Well, that’s like finding another Christmas present under the tree!

3 thoughts on “The Gift of Galt

    • Hi Daniel:

      I’ve been thinking about drawing a sample plan for this line to enhance my earlier post about it. I’ll add it to the to-do list!

      Thanks for the suggestion!

      • I’ve now updated the original blog entry with some sketches of Parkway, Doon, Blair and Galt – the four stations south of Kitchener.

        I highly recommend Ian Wilson’s book featuring this branch to anybody who is interested in more information. It would be a fantastic subject for an achievable layout.

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