Some requests about CP Rail

I’ve had a few offline discussions with friends in the hobby, which prompts me to ask some CP Rail-related questions. (Contact me via the “comments”, or privately via The Model Railway Show contact page. Look for “Trevor” in your choices.)

CP Rail – Caroline Street – Waterloo ON

I have a number of books about the CPR electric lines in Southern Ontario. These include Steel Wheels Along The Grand by George Roth, which features a number of photos of these lines after the wire came down and CP Rail converted the operation to diesels. This book also includes rough track maps of various locations. Based on these, I’m interested in doing a post in my achievable layout series about the spur that ran along Caroline Street in Waterloo, to serve the Seagram Distillery and Carling/Labatt’s brewery, plus furniture factories and other manufacturers.

To do this, though, I need a few things:

1 – I’d like a few photos of the Caroline Street operation, in the era worked by CP Rail’s SW1200RS locomotives. I’ll add a “Copyright” line to the picture and give you a shout-out if I use your pictures. Let me know if you have anything.

2 – George’s book is a big help and a great start, but even after comparing his map to a Google satellite view of the area, I still have questions about exactly where some of the spurs went. If anybody can help me nail down the track arrangement for this area, I’d love to hear from you.

CP Rail – Goderich ON

Since I’m asking about CP Rail, a friend in California emailed to ask about sources for information about the CPR in Goderich, Ontario. If anybody has suitable sources for information – track arrangements, photographs, good books, and so on – please get in touch.

Thanks for your indulgence. I now return you to the CNR in Port Rowan.

2 thoughts on “Some requests about CP Rail

  1. Goderich would be an amazing layout! The compact harbour scene with an exit below the bridge and through the flour mills is something I’ve thought about doing for my next layout. The only reservation I have is that the yard backs up against the hillside, so if you want to use a backdrop you either need to put in on the water side and have the isle take the place of the hillside, or if the backdrop is behind the hillside (which probably makes more sense) then the yard is far from the isle due to the blobby turnback. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Some resources I’ve found:
    -An excellent description of the history and some photos from the late steam era.

    -In the CPR historical society library (, free registration), there is a PDF of London Division track plans from 1969 titled “London Division Track Schematics” that has a not-to-scale map of the trackage on page 26.
    -There are more photos of Goderich, along with two detailed maps from an unknown date, likely in the steam era.
    -if you search for ‘Goderich’ mixed in among the results are some neat pictures of the harbour and ships at angles rarely captured elsewhere.
    -old postcards, they have a section on Goderich. One of my favourites is:
    -if you search for ‘Goderich’ you’ll find a few photos of the U3e 6275 switching and a F1a Jubilee on passenger service. I believe D10’s handled the freight (and maybe passenger at other times too, I’m not certain).

    Library and Archives Canada has a fire insurance map of the grain elevator and flour mill here:

    And Hardy’s “Rusty Rails” has a couple more pictures of Goderich and information on the diesels that worked there at different times.

    I hope this helps!


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