Thanks, Lance!

I got a big spike in traffic recently, thanks to a lovely shout-out by well-known author and layout designer Lance Mindheim. If you’re here because you read the August 31st posting on Lance’s blog, then welcome!

Lance and I both have interests and commitments beyond model railroading, and we think the same way about how a hobby should fit into the rest of our lives without becoming overwhelming. At the same time, we also see eye to eye on the value of model railroading as a medium through which we can challenge ourselves. This hobby is an excellent way to learn new things and push our abilities – and if we don’t do that, I feel we’re squandering a great opportunity.

Lance approached me recently about using a couple of photos for a blog posting he was working on. Even so, his kind words came as a delightful surprise.

The photos Lance used in his blog post show two scenes on my home layout, which depicts the Canadian National Railway’s branch line to Port Rowan in S scale. The first, by my friend David Woodhead, shows another friend – Keith Stamper – observing the progress of a freight extra through the Lynn Valley. The second photo shows an overview of the branchline terminal at Port Rowan. You’ll find lots more about the layout on my Port Rowan blog. Click on the scene of St. Williams, Ontario (below) to visit:
 photo StW-Trees-03_zps0fe33cdc.jpg

Thanks, Lance – and keep up the great work!

4 thoughts on “Thanks, Lance!

  1. Greetings Trevor Marshall. I am anticipating the creation of a simple O scale waterfront switching layout in the 1950’s transition era. I was on line investigating some layout ideas when quite fortunately I found your blog. I am very impressed with all you have accomplished. The fun philosophy coupled with the simplicity of scale modeling based in the history of your chosen era and locale have given me much to reflect on. I am very much appreciative of all your efforts and the blog. Thank you for sharing this great volume of inspiration. I am looking forward to new installments and wishing you all the best. Pierre Marki, Camden Maine.

    • Hi Pierre:
      Thanks for joining the conversation. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my blog and I hope it provides you with some inspiration.

  2. I really enjoy the footage available of the operations. By the way, What sound systems do you use? They are spectacular!
    I have a friend and neighbor who is in S scale. I will pass your blog to his awareness. Merci encore.
    Pierre Marki

    • Hi Pierre:
      Thanks for the kind words about my S scale layout. I’m using Soundtraxx Tsunami DCC decoders for locomotive sound. The environmental sounds (bird calls, etc.) are audio files that I built and loaded onto DreamPlayer Pro boards from Pricom Design.

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