CNR 10-wheelers in 1:48

While reading the just-published November-December 2014 issue of The O Scale Resource, I scanned the ad from the 3rd Rail Division of Sunset Models, and noticed this:

 photo CNR-H6g-Oscale_zpsd15be0f7.jpg
(Click on the image to visit the 3rd Rail website)

While Sunset’s die-cast line does not always live up to the more discerning modeller’s expectations, I’m pretty impressed by the CPR 4-6-0s they offered a few years ago. And at US$1299.95 each, the price quoted on the reservation page for these CNR 10-wheelers can’t be beat – not when compared to the going rate for most 1:48 brass steam, and not when one considers that these are the only choice for CNR 10-wheelers in O scale.

Sunset’s CNR 10-wheelers will open up many possibilities for those working in O scale to create a steam-era Achievable Layout. In fact, I’ve written about several possibilities on this blog, including:

CNR – Southampton Sub in S (layout plan)

CNR – The Wiarton Spiral (layout plan)

CNR – Waterloo Sub to Galt (concept sketches)

Enjoy if you (re)visit.

Meantime, if you’re interested in these then get your reservations in – and start saving. The CNR 10-wheelers are scheduled to arrive next year.

2 thoughts on “CNR 10-wheelers in 1:48

  1. Thanks for these great concept ideas, Trevor. For the first two, how big a space would you recommend for HO scale?

    Phil Gliebe
    Waynesville, Ohio

    • Hi Phil:
      I’d suggest you use the same space I did for S, but build in HO instead. That way, you would get broad curves and a nice, prototypically relaxed plan. Just tighten up the parallel track spacing and you’re all set.
      Failing that, you could reduce the size of the plans by 36% (the difference between HO and S, if I recall correctly), and then adjust the aisle space to suit.

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