SP Slim Princess models in HOn3

(Scenes like these may soon be more achievable, at least in HO…)

A while ago, I wrote a couple of posts about the Southern Pacific’s narrow gauge Keeler Branch. These posts included an overview of the prototype as inspiration for an Achievable Layout, and a sample layout design based on Zurich, California. At the time, I wrote:

There’s not much commercially available for the SPNG in any scale.

Well, it seems that’s about to change, at least of those who would consider modelling the SPNG in HOn3.

I recently stumbled across a blog run by Union Terminal Imports. At the end of May, UTI announced that it’s planning to offer an extensive line of SPNG equipment in 1:87.

In addition to the announcement, UTI has posted the complete list of equipment it intends to produce for this prototype. It’s pretty extensive, and includes page references to the Robert A Bader book that documents the equipment.

Prices have not been announced, although at least one dealer (Brass Trains) is now taking reservations.

I have no experience with the importer, so this is not an endorsement of their products or their business. I’m simply passing along the information for those who may be interested.

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