About that Mack…

Mack 33T - Painted

Back in November – I can’t believe it was that long ago – I posted about an O scale model I own of a Mack 33 Ton switcher. I then put the model – still in lifetime brass – on a shelf in my workshop and forgot about it.

A couple of weeks ago, though, I happened to spot the model and my inner Imp of the Perverse whispered, “You really ought to paint that, you know…”

So I stripped it down, primed it and painted it:

Mack 33T - Components
(The Mack switcher, separated into three components. The cab interior is still in primer at this stage)

I’m sure the prototype was basic black, but I sprayed my model with Tamiya Dark Iron. This is a colour I love – it has a whole lot going on in it, and it really brings out details. As the lead photo shows, I used an emery board to carefully remove the paint from the “MACK” sign and from the emblems on each hood. The couplers – from Protocraft – are finished with Neo-Lube. I need to give them another coat.

When I took the locomotive apart, I discovered this nice little tag installed by the builder – the late Lee Snover:

Mack 33T - 52 of 54

For now, the model is finished. But already I plan to do more. I’ve ordered four 30″ wheels from Jay Criswell at Right-o’-Way so I can convert this model to Proto:48. This will allow me to run it with other 1/4″ scale models in my collection, and run it on the layouts of a few friends in the area.

I also plan to add DCC with an electronic flywheel (capacitor), additional pick-up wires, and sound. And, of course, install an engineer and window glass.

I’ll return to this project when I have collected the rest of the materials I require. But already, I’m glad I’ve made progress – and it has me looking around the workshop at other “someday projects” that it’s past time to tackle…

2 thoughts on “About that Mack…

  1. This is such a cool little model. Thank you for noting the colour choice. I guess I had assumed it too was a basic black but remembered a friend was suggesting the use of a Tamiya colour the aircraft modellers use that I believe is XF-69 NATO black. In either case, it’s a “black” that reads like black without obscuring detail. I like it.

    It’s so easy to remark: “Someone needs a layout for that”


  2. Trevor,
    Very nice model, excellent finish. And, ‘…..my inner Imp of the Perverse whispered, “You really ought to (fill in the blank), you know…”‘ – I can relate. It hits me when I’m trying to finish up one project, and wind up delaying that to do something completely unrelated, just because it’s more fun!
    Hmm, I wonder if I could scratch build the Mack out of styrene for my On30 switching layout?
    Phil in Waynesville

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