Around the Web: Sherton Abbas and Vernon River

I’ve been enjoying a couple of layout blogs recently, and thought I would share.

First up is Sherton Abbas. This is a 7mm (British O) layout based on the Great Western Railway and being built by David Stone in the UK. Thanks to my friend Simon Dunkley for sharing this one.

If you’ve enjoyed my occasional reports on Roweham by Brian Dickey, you’re going to love Sherton Abbas. Brew some tea, click on the photo, and settle in…

Sherton Abbas

Next up is Vernon River in 1:87 – a relatively new project by Calvin Monaghan. Thanks to my friend Chris Mears for the heads up on this one. I’ve just added Calvin’s site to my blog reader and look forward to following his progress. Again, click on the photo and enjoy if you visit…

Vernon River

These are two very different projects, in different scales. But they’re both what I like to think of as Achievable Layouts. I’m always on the lookout for ideas…

2 thoughts on “Around the Web: Sherton Abbas and Vernon River

  1. On your invitation I’ve been reading the full thread. It’s such an enjoyable chronicle of an introduction to O scale modelling. It does make me feel like getting of the couch to do some actual modelling.

    Calvin’s stuff is superb. In the hobby today, he’s one to watch.


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