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Don't fall off the wagon photo Wagon-01.jpg
(Don’t fall off the wagon!)

Me firing the Accucraft Peveril photo TrevorPeveril.jpg
(Firing my live steam Isle of Man “Peveril”)

I’m a lifelong model railway enthusiast and I’ve always been keen on layout design issues. My understanding of layout design started with popular publications and continues to grow through many web-based resources. I’ve been lucky enough to learn first-hand from some of the most thoughtful layout designers on the planet, too.

I am not a professional layout designer.

I do not design layouts on commission. But I sometimes get ideas I want to explore on graph paper, or I suggest ideas to friends. Some of these ideas ended up on another blog I write – and when I realized I had a collection going, I decided they deserved their own blog. Hence, this home on the web.

I’m currently building an S scale model railway in my train room. I started planning for this layout in mid-2011 and construction began in October of that year:

 photo PtR-Chestnut-TwoHouses-02_zpsd96d0f20.jpg
(Click on the photo to visit the Canadian National Railway’s branch to Port Rowan, Ontario in 1:64)

I’m also interested in garden scale live steam, and write a blog about my occasional live steam adventures.

I co-hosted The Model Railway Show, a podcast about the hobby. That podcast is now on indefinite hiatus, but you can still listen to all the shows by clicking on the badge, below:

The Model Railway Show photo TMRS_badge_zpscfab16b2.jpg

I’m also training my two border collies on sheep. If we ever get good enough, we may compete in herding trials. We’ll see…

Did he say BATH??? photo DidHeSayBath-1.jpg
(“Did he say, ‘BATH’?”)

Winter Fetch photo 4720bc29.jpg

– Trevor

4 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Trevor,
    I stumbled upon your blog and what a find! Very nicely done. I’m modeling a 13 mile portion of the NYC “Old Road” in Lenawee County Michigan, with 4 small communities being modeled. I really enjoy the whole “achievable” concept! Take care- TJ Stratton

  2. Although it probably is way out of date your discussion of the merits and detriments of that ol’ standby — the 4 X 8 layout — is only intelligent debate I have ever read or heard on that subject.

    • Thanks Robert – I’m glad you found the discussion useful. It was one of the most active topics on this blog.
      Obviously, I’m convinced there’s a better approach to crafting a beginner’s layout – one that encourages new hobbyists to build skills and learn about things like prototype operations (which, I think, makes a layout more interesting and therefore is more likely to engage the new hobbyist and turn them into a life-long enthusiast). I also think alternatives to the 4×8 fit better into our living spaces, so the physical layout becomes less of an intrusion into our lives. (I wonder how many 4x8s get torn down because they’re in the way?)
      Equally obviously, others feel differently about the 4×8. Many people embrace it – even long after others, who started with a 4×8, have abandoned the sacred sheet in favour of other configurations. But I’d prefer to see people embrace it for reasons more carefully considered than “it’s the default size for sheet goods at the lumber yard”…

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