Complete your collection!

Listeners have asked for this – and now we’re delivering:

All episodes of The Model Railway Show – right back to our very first show – are now available for downloading at the Internet Archive!

In addition, we’ve updated our show feeds to iTunes and RSS, so all shows will now appear in those feeds as well. (Those already subscribed to iTunes may have duplicates in their list.)

Download any shows you missed, and you will be able to enjoy all 52 episodes (plus special editions) on your computer, iPod or other portable audio device.

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Go Run Your Trains!

We have enjoyed creating The Model Railway Show but after two and a half years – in which we have produced 52 regular episodes and a number of specials – Jim, Trevor, Chris, Otto and David have decided it’s time to get back to our work benches and our layout rooms.

This podcast was a volunteer effort – a labour of love – and while we enjoyed interviewing so many great guests and creating these shows, it has demanded a fair bit of hobby time.

So with Episode 52, we turn off the mics at The Model Railway Show. Remember, you can hear all of our shows back to the very first through the streaming archive at – links to each show can be found in the relevant Episode Listing. We’re also exploring a way to make all shows available as downloads, so new listeners can hear our interviews with the thinkers and doers that make this hobby so wonderful.

Thanks for listening – you’ve been great! – and we’ll see you down the line, somewhere, sometime…

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Episode 52 – Don’t Miss It!

We have two great guests booked for Episode 52 of The Model Railway Show.

Robert Simmons joins Jim to talk about how he bought a used ambulance to haul his modular layout to shows. He’ll explain why it’s a great idea – and not as expensive as you might think. You can read about Robert’s ambulance in the March, 2013 issue of NMRA Magazine.

Trevor welcomes back Lance Mindheim, who shares his thoughts about the importance of operating your layout frequently. How frequently? How about several times per week! If that sounds like a lot, he has tips to help you work such sessions into the rest of your life – and explains why it’s a better strategy than building a layout that only gets operated once a month, or even less.

Episode 52 of The Model Railway Show will be published for April 1, 2013. It’s an episode you will not want to miss!

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Work and Weather

Two things we can’t control, and which have conspired against your co-hosts.

We’re moving the next show – Episode 51 – to March 15th to buy Jim and Trevor some breathing room.

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