TrainLife now hosting our archived episodes!

Since starting The Model Railway Show podcast a year ago, we’ve had many listeners ask how they can listen to episodes that are no longer active on our website. Now, thanks to the good folks at TrainLife, we have the answer…

It’s The Model Railway Show episode archive on TrainLife!

We decided from the start to host only the four most current episodes on our web site, and will continue to do this to ensure we have the bandwidth to handle as many download requests as possible. With this partnership, however, new listeners to our show will be able to catch up on all of the interviews they missed. Over the coming weeks, we’ll update our Episode Listings for archived shows with links to the shows on TrainLife.

TrainLife is already making a big name for itself as an online community for those who love wheels on rails. It’s an excellent resource, as TrainLife hosts thousands of pages of content from prototype and modeling magazines. And membership is free – so what are you waiting for? We’re pleased to add our podcast to TrainLife’s ever-growing database of information to help people build more satisfying models and layouts.

To learn more about TrainLife, be sure to listen to our interview with TrainLife founder John Pestana in Episode 17.

A special thanks to Tasha Oates and David Cox at TrainLife for making this happen.

– Trevor

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