When are we launching?

That’s a question we’re hearing a lot. And with good reason.

The best answer is “very soon”.

Jim, Chris, Otto, David and I have been working on The Model Railway Show for a few months now and, frankly, we’re keen to present our first shows for your listening pleasure.

But there are a few more things to do – a few more i’s to dot and t’s to cross – to make sure that we have produced a lively, thought-provoking podcast about the great hobby of model railroading. We’re taking a different approach to many of the other podcasts already On Air, and we’re confident that we’ll become a welcome addition to your iPod or other digital audio player.

The best way to ensure you don’t miss our launch is to subscribe to The Model Railway Show via iTunes. There‚Äôs no cost to do this, and new episodes are automatically added to iTunes on your computer.

Find The Model Railway Show on iTunes.

You can also add the Show Notes blog to your RSS reader – many browsers such as Firefox and Safari have a reader built right in. With RSS, you will automatically receive alerts when a new show is available, including notes about the people we’re interviewing.

Every Show Note will end with a section called “How to listen”. No, we’re not suggesting listening positions or favorite beverages to enjoy while tuning in. Nor are we offering courses in what’s known as Active Listening.

“How to listen” provides useful information on downloading the show.

How you enjoy The Model Railway Show after it’s downloaded is up to you.

– Trevor

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