Thanks, Lance!

Layout designer and author Lance Mindheim was one of our guests on Show #5, and he’s mentioned his interview with The Model Railway Show on his two web sites – and

Already, we’re seeing a number of hits on our web site coming from these. Thanks Lance – much appreciated!

If you haven’t visited Lance online, go have a look. He’s a talented designer and exceptional modeler who has done a remarkable job of capturing modern day railroading in HO scale.

If you like what you see and would like to build a similar switching layout for yourself, I suggest browsing Lance’s online database of Rail-served Industrial Parks. Many modelers overlook the modeling and operating potential of these lines but as Lance shows on his own layouts, they can be very demanding and rewarding modeling subjects.

They’d also lend themselves well to a Free-mo inspired modular group: Industrial-mo, anyone?

– Trevor

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