Estate planning and the model railway enthusiast

What’s your plan?

The recent deaths of noted modeler Dean Freytag and railfan Jim Boyd remind us that while we don’t like to think about it, at some point we’re all going to drop our fires and head into the roundhouse one last time.

At some point, somebody is going to have to deal with all our stuff. (If we’re older, we may have a chance to pare down our collections. But accidents can strike at any time, too.) And if that task falls to our loved ones, chances are they are not model railway enthusiasts or railfans. That means they won’t know what they’re looking at, what it’s worth, or what to do with it.

On the next episode of The Model Railway Show – coming to the web and iTunes by January 15th – Jim talks to Dick Karnes. He thought about this and then came up with a tool to help survivors deal with our miniature estates – some of them quite significant.

Give it some thought.

– Trevor

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