Now we are Six (with apologies to A. A. Milne…)

This weekend, we’ll post our 6th episode of The Model Railway Show, and it will definitely qualify as “thought-provoking”. I hope everyone is looking forward to it. Jim and I are getting into the rhythm of interviewing, recording and producing these shows and we’re enjoying bringing these to you.

Normally, our Technical Director Chris would post the show this (Friday) evening so you’d have it first thing Saturday morning. But through an aligning of the spheres, today is not only Chris’ birthday but it’s also the date of the CD release party for the latest from our Musical Maestro, David Woodhead.

So, we’ll be raising pints to celebrate tonight… and we will post Show Six on Saturday.

– Trevor

PS: Happy Birthday Chris, from The Model Railway Show team. Naturally, we all hope you get something geeky and train-related… like a +2 Rag of Polishing.

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