Podcasting Gear

Thanks to our technical director Chris, several weeks ago I acquired a Behringer Podcast Studio FireWire kit. Google it and you’ll find Behringer’s site.

This is a great piece of kit.

At its heart is a small but mighty audio mixer with two mic channels and two stereo line inputs (six channels in all), plus inputs for CD players or other gear.

Behringer mates this to a FireWire interface, then rounds out the kit with a nice microphone with stand and a decent set of headphones, plus software (eg; Audacity).

After reading an article on producing podcasts in MacWorld, I also installed Apple’s Garage Band and an application called Levelator, plus added a recording plug-in to my Skype application.

I’ve been testing the system and am pleased with my ability to record and edit material. It’s intuitive, relatively quick and painless, and I’m told the product sounds great.

Based on this success, we upgraded Jim’s computer a couple of weeks ago with a FireWire port and additional horsepower (actually, RAM – so I guess that should be sheep-power).

Meanwhile, I’ve ordered Podcast Studio FireWire kits for Jim and for Chris, and we’re blocking our shows while we wait for these to come in. We should be ready to record interviews and start building the shows about the time the new website goes live.

Everything is falling into place nicely – and Jim and I are both excited about creating our first batch of shows!

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