Peterboro and Industrial Park Modeling

Industrial Park modeling: I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately, especially after interviewing Lance Mindheim for Episode #5 of The Model Railway Show.

Lance is such a good modeler I bet he could inject Thomas the Tank Engine with gritty realism. And his web site makes a convincing case for industrial park modeling.

What’s more, those of us living in cities have industrial parks all around us for inspiration – many of them rail-served. And the compact nature of these places make it easier to fit a layout based on an industrial park into an urban home, condo or apartment.

I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed running trains on The Peterboro Project – a multi-section Free-mo module built by Pierre Oliver and myself, based on an industrial park in Peterborough, Ontario. They were, quite possibly, the most fun I’ve had on two rails.

In future shows, we’ll continue to explore these themes – from prototype inspirations, to achievable modeling, to creative ways to fit our hobby into our busy schedules. Let us know what you think.

– Trevor

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