We survived Springfield

60 per cent of The Model Railway Show team were on hand at the Railroad Hobby Show in Springfield MA this weekend.

Tech Director Chris Abbott and I drove down Friday to spend Saturday at the show, while our Creative Director Otto Vondrak was there for the duration at the Carstens Publications booth (he’s now working for Carstens and moonlighting – with permission of course! – for us).

It was great to meet so many listeners – both to The Model Railway Show and to Model Rail Radio (on which Chris is a co-host). It was also great to talk to several potential future guests. (You know who you are!) We also enjoyed meeting up with so many people we knew from emails but never normally have a chance to see face to face. (Again, you know who you are!)

And I would be remiss if I did not say thanks to our better halves, who held down the forts while we indulged ourselves in a weekend of immersion in this wonderfully foolish, wonderfully fun hobby.

Chris and I have almost – almost – recovered from the experience (including the drive across NY State, which ranged from sunny to near white-out conditions). We aim to load Episode 7 of The Model Railway Show this evening. Once again, Jim Martin and I have two great interviews for you – so stay tuned!

– Trevor

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