Where’s my mallet? I need to fix the Internet.

Last night Chris and I logged into the show’s web site’s admin portal to update some material – and the web site wasn’t there. A call to my ISP’s tech support informed me that the server on which The Model Railway Show is hosted had crashed … on the weekend.

This was Wednesday night.

I’m not impressed.

While it’s true that stuff happens that’s beyond our control, good customer service practices dictate that when Mr. & Mrs. Cockup pay a visit, you let your clients know. An email blast letting me know the server had crashed and that my ISP was working on the problem, with an estimated time for recovery, would’ve made me feel a whole lot better about this.

I apologize to anybody who has tried to download the test feed. We’ll return to normal as soon as we figure out what “normal” is. And I’ll post a note here to let everyone know we’re back in business.

I didn’t do it. Honest.

– Trevor

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