Podcasting gear (fingers crossed)

For a few months now, I’ve had a Behringer Podcast Studio FireWire kit, and it’s excellent. So it was frustrating to learn that my local A/V store was having trouble getting the additional kits we need for The Model Railway Show.

Apparently, Behringer has changed its distribution channels and this left my retailer (and presumably other Canadian retailers) out in the cold.

But a quick Googling turned up the kits on Amazon.com. Fine – except the U.S. Amazon organization won’t ship electronics to Canada. However, they’re quite happy to ship to a friend of mine in the U.S., who will be Fedex-ing the gear to me.

It’s frustrating to not be able to buy locally, but much better now than in the days before e-commerce.

We should have at least one of the Podcast Studios in our hands by Friday this week (fingers crossed), which will allow us to go ahead with all of the interviews that Jim and I have lined up for the first shows.

– Trevor

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