Art In The Streets at the MOCA

Art in the Streets is a gallery exhibit at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles – and the exhibition will include a selection of G scale freight cars weathered by the artists at The Weathering Shop, then tagged by street writers.

Here’s what The Weathering Shop has to say about the exhibit.

Here at The Model Railway Show, we know graffiti on models is a controversial subject – hobbyists have strong and polarizing opinions about it that basically fall into two camps…

1 – We should not model it because graffiti/tagging is a form of vandalism, it often involves trespassing, and in the case of graffiti on rail cars it’s dangerous; or
2 – It may be all of those things but it’s also a fact of life in modern North America and therefore it’s as essential as container trains and high-horsepower diesels.

… and many forum-owners have specifically prohibited this discussion in their rules.

Regardless of where one stands on this issue, we think it’s interesting that a gallery has mounted an exhibition that includes model railway equipment as “art” and we’d like to congratulate the members of The Weathering Shop for their part in this achievement.

To hear more about weathering as an art form, be sure to listen to our interview with Jeremy St. Peter from The Weathering Shop in Episode 12 of The Model Railway Show.

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