Dept of Corrections Dept

A special thanks to Prof Klyzlr from Sidney, Australia who wrote in to clarify a comment made during the Russ Reinberg interview in Episode 15 of The Model Railway Show.

The good professor writes:

It was great to hear Russ Reinberg on the show. However, a minor error slipped thru during his interview.

Muskrat Ramble, the On3/On30 Deep-South themed layout from Sydney Australia, was built by a team of modellers including Geoff Nott, Michael Flack, Steve Pettit, George Paxon, Ray Walter, and Dieter Chidel (collectively known locally as the “Tuesday Night Modellers”).

John Hunter and Dan Pickard, from Melbourne, whose last layout was the On30 Dolly Varden were NOT involved in the construction or debut of the “Muskrat Ramble” layout at the 2009 Australian Narrow Gauge Convention in Sydney, during Easter ’09.

Thanks – and thanks for listening, professor! Jim and I are both big fans of your Brooklyn: 3 AM layout!

– Trevor

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