On Episode 19…

… I talk to Tag Gorton from Garden Rail magazine about this UK-based monthly publication’s celebration of its 200th issue earlier this year.

Tag is more than an editor – he’s a very active personality in the garden railway world, so active in fact that there’s even a model figure available of Tag to drive one’s locomotive (He’s wearing a white shirt with red checks on the Busy Bodies home page). When garden railway modelers have trouble, he’s there to help. When garden railway suppliers need advice or connections, he’s there too. The garden railway hobby is fortunate to have such a champion.

Tag is also a trooper: When I interviewed him for the show he was battling a nasty cold – the sort that is especially miserable, I suspect, because it’s summer and therefore prime steaming season.

Be sure to check out Episode 19 – podcast to the web August 1st. In the meantime, visit our Flickr gallery to enjoy a few photos from Tag, and others who have appeared on The Model Railway Show.

– Trevor

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