The value of RPM meets

Regular listeners know we like Railroad Prototype Modelers meets. We think the RPM movement is one of the most important, and positive, things to happen in this hobby in the past couple of decades.

And we’ve had a number of guests on The Model Railway Show who are involved with organizing or promoting these events – including Joe D’Elia, who is responsible for the upcoming RPM Conference in Illinois. He was my guest on Episode 21.

So we’re pleased to see that one of the regular attendees and presenters at RPM meets, Tony Thompson, has written a post on his blog about why he enjoys RPM meets.

It’s important to note that Tony is more than just an excellent modeler. He’s also a partner at Signature Press, which publishes beautifully researched and presented railroad histories. Serious modelers know Signature Press is the place to find top-notch prototype information on common car types such as PFE refrigerator cars and billboard refrigerator cars, Southern Pacific freight cars (in five volumes), Pullman-Standard freight cars, the Magor Car Corporation, and more.

Take a moment to browse the Signature Press online catalog of current books and forthcoming titles, to see if there’s something you need to add to your own library.

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