The Model Railway Show – Episode 0048

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Small Details :: Grand Designs

In this episodeā€¦

Andy Reichert, owner, Proto:87 Stores.
Brooks Stover, author.

The Accurate Track Emporium

Digital cameras make great modeling tools, but the ability to see our layouts larger than life on a computer screen means the little details – or lack of them – start to make a difference. Those wanting to build a layout that looks as lifelike as possible must pay attention to many aspects of modeling, including how they model track. Football-sized spikes just don’t cut it.

Modelers looking to improve the appearance of their track work often turn to finescale options. In HO scale, that means Proto:87, and for these modelers, Andy Reichert‘s track components are essential. Andy runs Proto:87 Stores, which offers a selection of track-building supplies – from spikes to switch components – to build accurate track in Proto:87 and in regular HO. Many modelers working in other scales and gauges are making use of his products, too.

Andy joins Trevor to discuss why he started Proto:87 Stores and how hobbyists are using his products to build more realistic track.

Four Ways to a Better Layout

Brooks Stover joined us on our last show to discuss the website he built for the Buffalo Creek and Gauley Railroad.

This time out, Brooks and Jim continue their conversation as they switch their focus to Brooks’ beautiful S scale layout. Brooks has written a book about his layout, in which he offers four good pieces of layout planning advice.

He and Jim discuss the four principles that helped Brooks design, build and complete a satisfying layout in a remarkably short period of time. If your layout is languishing while you sweat the small stuff, Brooks’ approach may be just what the doctor ordered.

Make plans to attend RPM-East – the railroad prototype modeler seminar – in Geensburg PA, March 22-23!

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