Thanks For Listening!

We have enjoyed creating The Model Railway Show but after two and a half years, in which we have produced 52 regular episodes and a number of specials, Jim, Trevor, Chris, Otto and David have decided it’s time to get back to our work benches.

This podcast was a volunteer effort – a labour of love – and while we enjoyed interviewing so many great guests and creating these shows, it has demanded a fair bit of hobby time.

The good news is, you can still listen to, and download, all of our episodes – right back to the very first show.

** You will find links to each show in the Episode Listings section of our website. **

** You can also find The Model Railway Show on iTunes. **

** Or you can download the episodes directly from The Internet Archive. **

Trevor and Otto maintain The Model Railway Show page on Facebook, so you can get in touch or discuss any of the interviews from our show. And don’t forget to show off your good taste in podcasting by ordering from The Model Railway Show Swag Shop!

Thanks for listening – you’ve been great! – and we’ll see you down the line, somewhere, sometime…

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