The Model Railway Show – Episode 0006

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Detailed Track – and Keeping Track

In this episode…

Mike Cougill, Author, Detailing Track.
Dick Karnes, S scale modeler a driving force behind the NASG’s estate disposition kit for model railroaders.

Realistic track

Almost every aspect of the hobby of model railroading has evolved greatly over the past few decades. As a group, we have become more sophisticated about trains, structures, scenery, operations and more. But when it comes to track, most hobbyists tend to gloss over the details in order to quickly get things running.

O Scale Trains magazine editor Mike Cougill believes if we do that we’re missing out on a satisfying part of the hobby that has the potential to take our layouts to a new level of realism. Mike takes the time to detail his track to the point where it is indistinguishable from the prototype, and he has a new book out called Detailing Track to help modelers consider whether building ultra-realistic trackwork is an objective they too wish to pursue.

Mike speaks to Trevor about the book, and why every thoughtful modeler will find it useful – regardless of chosen scale.

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Keeping track for our survivors

As model railway enthusiasts, many of us build substantial collections over the years. What happens to those collections after we drop our fires and make our final trip to the roundhouse depends on how prepared we are. The task of disposing of a lifetime of train building and hoarding often falls to surviving family and friends – who may not be model railway enthusiasts.

As a benefit of membership, the National Association of S Gaugers offers its members The Estate Disposition Kit Support Program for Survivors of Deceased NASG Members and its associated Estate Survival Kit.

Jim speaks to one of the people instrumental in creating this kit – well-known S-scaler Dick Karnes – to find out how all of us can leave this final gift for our survivors.

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