The Model Railway Show – Episode 0007

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No Dominion/Fowler boxcars were harmed in the making of this show

In this episode…

Richard Hendrickson, author and freight car modeler and historian.
Morgan Turney, editor and publisher, Canadian Railway Modeller magazine.

The origins of the freight car modeler

Today’s modelers have a tremendous selection of prototypically-correct freight cars to fill their yards. For those working in HO, the choice is staggering.

Our good fortune is due in large measure to the efforts of a special breed of hobbyist. The freight car historian researches the creation and evolution of rolling stock then shares that knowledge through books, articles, and modeling. Many also work with manufacturers, sharing their expertise to bring accurate models to market.

One of the best-known freight car historians is Richard Hendrickson. Richard has written several books on freight cars – including Billboard Refrigerator Cars, two volumes in the Focus on Freight Cars series, several volumes on freight cars for the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society, and more. He is also a regular contributor to the Steam Era Freight Cars Yahoo group.

Richard talks to Trevor about the origins of the freight car modeler and historian.

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O Canada!

Canada is sometimes humorously described as, “Like America, but different”. And that description certainly applies to Canadian railroads. A part of a tightly-integrated North American rail network, some may feel that railroading north of the border is losing its “Canadian-ness”. So do modellers (that’s right: In Canadian English, it’s spelled with two Ls) need a magazine devoted to Canadian railways?

You bet. And they have one: Canadian Railway Modeller is now in its 18th year and recently published its 100th issue. The company behind CRM, North Kildonan Publications has grown to add other products to its portfolio – including books, post cards and holiday cards. Most recently a new magazine, Railfan Canada, joined Canadian Railway Modeller on newsstands from coast to coast.

Jim talks to editor and publisher Morgan Turney about where Canadian Railway Modeller came from, and where it’s headed.

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