The Model Railway Show – Episode 0010

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Unconventional Thinking

In this episodeā€¦

Jack Burgess, publicity manager, X2011 West NMRA National Convention.
Neal Schorr, owner, PRR Middle Division Layout.

The Unconventional Convention: Extra 2011 West – July 3-9, Sacramento

This year, the NMRA’s annual national convention is being held in Sacramento, California. It’s called Extra 2011 West and it’s being billed as The Unconventional Convention.

To tell us why it’s unconventional as well as what’s in store for convention attendees, Trevor speaks with noted modeler and convention publicity manager Jack Burgess.

There’s still time to register: The Model Railway Show will see you there!

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Photos of Jack Burgess’ Yosemite Valley Railroad
Jack Burgess’ Yosemite Valley Railroad website

Scale modeling… on three tall rails

Conventional wisdom says trains running on three-rail track are not models: they’re toys. Well don’t tell Neal Schorr that.

Neal takes a serious approach to three-rail O scale. Neal’s PRR Middle Division features impressive trains running on well-engineered right of way through realistic scenery. For him, three-rail means fewer wiring hassles, reliable operation, and more.

Jim speaks with Neal to find out why he’s following this unconventional approach.

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More on estate planning:
In Episode 6, Jim discussed estate planning with Dick Karnes. As mentioned in this episode, the website of the CN Lines Special Interest Group is another place where one will find some advice about estate planning for model railway enthusiasts.

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