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History Lessons

In this episodeā€¦

Peter Cunningham, editor, British Railway Modellers of North America Journal.
Jim Providenza, owner, Santa Cruz Northern and pioneering user of command control systems.

Are kids really the future of model railroading?

With a headline like that, you can guess what our guest thinks.

Modeler and artist Peter Cunningham looks back at his own introduction to the hobby as a boy in the United Kingdom, and compares it to the experience of today’s kids. And he’s forced to conclude that our recruiting efforts are chasing the wrong demographic.

While sharing the hobby with children is important, Peter says when it comes to attracting new hobbyists, we’d do well to remember Deep Throat’s advice to Bob Woodward in All The President’s Men: Follow The Money. In this case, it means we’ll have more success if we pitch our hobby at those in their 30s and 40s – people who have more disposable income and are looking for a hobby and creative outlet that’s worthy of an adult’s attention. We also need to boost our efforts to make sure what we’re presenting is the very best we can do, to showcase the best the hobby has to offer.

Peter wrote an opinion piece on this that appeared late last year in the Journal, the magazine for members of the British Railway Modellers of North America (BRMNA), and he joins Jim to discuss his thoughts on this important issue.

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DCC: How far we’ve come

When it comes to running model trains, we’ve never had it so good. Digital Command Control (DCC) decoders can be as small as a thumbnail – yet deliver fantastic locomotive control, sophisticated lighting effects and beautiful sound. And for most of us, programming them has become second nature.

But did you ever wonder how we got from DC to DCC?

If you’ve been collecting back issues of train magazines for a while, you will have come across advertising for early carrier control systems marketed by companies such as Alphatronics. Modeler Jim Providenza embraced those early systems in his quest for sophisticated operations on his HO scale Santa Cruz Northern, and he joins Trevor to describe some of those early experiences.

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