The Model Railway Show – Episode 0012

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More unconventional thinking

In this episode…

Ed Loizeaux, a coordinator for this year’s National Association of S Gaugers convention.
Jeremy St. Peter, weathering artist and member of The Weathering Shop.

NASG National Convention: July 3-9, Sacramento CA

In Episode 10, we provided an overview of this summer’s NMRA national convention. But Extra 2011 West – “The Unconventional Convention” – is actually two conventions in one. That’s because the National Association of S Gaugers will hold its national convention concurrently with the NMRA’s get-together.

One of the coordinators of this year’s NASG National Convention, noted S scaler Ed Loizeaux, tells Jim what’s in store for convention-goers … in all scales.

(Remember, there’s still time to register and The Model Railway Show will see you there!)

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Weathering as an art form

Here’s an unconventional idea…

If the canvas, paints, brushes and other tools add up to $50, yet an artist can command five-, six- or even seven-figure sums for a painting… how much would a piece of art painted on a $32.95 freight car* be worth? And at what point does the finish and weathering on a freight car transcend the hobby to become “art”?

Most experienced modelers weather their rolling stock to some degree. But for some, extreme weathering has become the hobby within the hobby. A small group of these observers and interpreters of rust, dust and grime have formed an artists’ collective called The Weathering Shop – an online gallery where visitors can admire and, yes, purchase these model works of art.

Trevor speaks to Jeremy St. Peter – a founding member of The Weathering Shop – about weathering as an art form.

(*MRSP on the new ExactRail TRINCool 64′ Reefer. For the answer, check out The Garemy Project.)

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