The Model Railway Show – Episode 0015

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In this episodeā€¦

Mike Cougill, Managing Editor, O Scale Trains magazine.
Russ Reinberg, Publisher and Editor, Westlake Publishing Company.

The future of the hobby? Think like an educator

Should we worry about the graying of the hobby? Many modelers feel we should, and some of our guests have offered up suggestions on what we as a community can do about it. But O Scale Trains Managing Editor and model railroad book author Mike Cougill has been thinking about this too, and he’s decided it’s not the real problem.

Mike has added a new section to his personal website. It’s called Point of View and in his first opinion piece, When I’m Old and Gray, he adds his thoughts to those of some previous guests on The Model Railway Show.

Trevor invites Mike back to the show to discuss how we make the hobby more relevant in a time when real trains have faded from the everyday lives of so many people.

The future of the hobby? Think like a craftsman

Each year modelers eagerly await The Logging, Mining & Industrial Annual, The Narrow Gauge Annual and The Modelers’ Annual – the three books edited and published each year by Russ Reinberg through his company, Westlake Publishing.

Each volume is loaded with beautiful photography of fantastic model-building, making them inspirational reading for any model railway enthusiast, but especially those looking to improve their modeling skills.

Russ – who is also a top-flight jazz musician and podcaster – used to publish Fine Scale Railroader magazine. But he moved to books when he saw changes in the hobby – changes that are still taking place.

Jim speaks to Russ about his switch to books, and what he sees as the future of model railroading.

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