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Tearing apart layouts

In this episodeā€¦

Allen McClelland, author and owner, Virginian & Ohio.
Doug Harding, author and owner, Iowa Central.

Life after the V&O

What do you do when it’s time to dismantle your layout for good? It’s a tough enough choice for most of us. But when the layout in question is the legendary Virginian & Ohio, the decision must’ve been daunting.

The V&O – a freelanced railroad designed and built by Allen McClelland – is arguably the most famous model rail transportation system in North America. It has its own Wikipedia entry, has been photographed by countless visitors (including this one), was featured in countless magazines (most recently in Model Railroad Planning 2009), and even has its own book, The V&O Story.

McClelland built two V&O layouts. The first was the subject of videos by Pentrex and Allen Keller, while Allen Keller has also covered the second V&O and included V&O footage in a compilation video covering famous “fallen flag” model railways.

The news of the V&O’s demise even jumped the barrier from the hobby world.

So what do you do if you’re Allen, and you decide it’s time to consign the V&O to history? Jim spoke to Allen to find out what he’s doing now.

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Planning for moving

What do you do if your lifestyle dictates that you’ll be moving a lot? Many of us would adjust our hobby to suit our lifestyle. We would build micro-layouts, modules, or portable, exhibition-style layouts, or forego having a layout altogether in favor of becoming a railroad modeler.

Doug Harding likes the social interaction and operational challenges of a large, busy layout. His HO Iowa Central layout is closely based on the real Iowa Central, although he’s modeling it as if it had retained its identity into the mid 20th Century instead of becoming part of the Minneapolis and St. Louis.

But as the Reverend Douglas Harding, he has been forced to move some parts of his extensive layout 10 times. Along the way, he has developed some thoughts on large yet moveable home layouts, and he shares them with Trevor.

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