The Model Railway Show – Episode 0020

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Online resources

In this episodeā€¦

Stephen Priest, NMRA Online Archive.
Frank Giacobbe, N Scale Limited.

A new research tool for everyone

Model railway enthusiasts, collectively, have gathered a wealth of information about trains of all sizes and gauges. Photos, plans, paperwork and other artifacts – we all have them and it’s likely others could benefit from the knowledge they represent. The problem is, how do we share it?

The National Model Railroad Association has received donations of more than 100,000 railroad-related items over the past 60 years. And now, the NMRA has taken a vital step to ensure its storehouse of important data is available to everyone, by establishing the NMRA Online Archive. Visitors to the archive can browse for images and then pay a modest fee via PayPal to download a high-resolution version.

Jim speaks to ATSF Emporia Sub layout owner and NMRA Magazine editor/publisher Stephen Priest of Paired Rail Railroad Publications Ltd about the NMRA Online Archive. As one of the people instrumental in getting the Association’s data onto the web, Stephen notes that the archive not only makes the material available to everyone with an Internet connection: It also helps preserve the information for future generations.

Not just for N Scalers

For big ideas about small trains, N Scale Limited is a great place to go. But don’t let the name fool you. While much of the modelling on this web site and forum is done in 1:160, there are plenty of great techniques and resources that will benefit all modelers, regardless of scale.

This is especially true if you’re interested in big city modeling: From articles on correct details by era (answering such questions as “When did air conditioning appear in restaurants? and “When did TV switch to color broadcasting?”) and downloadable period signs, to in-depth multi-part articles on creating classic Deco-era skyscrapers, N Scale Limited is a great resource and source of inspiration.

Trevor speaks with co-founder Frank Giacobbe about how N Scale Limited came to be. Frank also offers his perspective on model railroading in 1:160.

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