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In this episodeā€¦

Joe D’Elia, organizer, The RPM Conference.
Brandon Bayer, president, H.O. Model Engineers Society.

The granddaddy of RPM meets

Railway Prototype Modelers meets. We’re big fans of them here at The Model Railway Show, and the big one – at least in our experience – has been the annual gathering at the end of October in Naperville, Illinois.

But if you’re heading for it this year, bring a map. The hotel traditionally used for this meet is undergoing renovations so the meet will be held in nearby Lisle.

That’s not the only change. For years, this gathering was organized by Sunshine Models, the maker of fine HO scale resin rolling stock kits. But Martin and Patricia Lofton are retiring and in 2010 RPM/Sunshine torch passed to Joe D’Elia, proprietor of A-Line/Proto Power West.

Joe is well known in RPM circles and already organizes a number of meets under the Railroad Prototype Modelers banner. He tells Trevor that this year’s meet may have a new name and a new venue, but regular attendees will find it’s the same great weekend it always has been.

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Eviction Notice!

Real estate is expensive these days and it’s harder to find homes for permanent club layouts. The basements of warehouses and underused structures that often housed them are being torn down or converted into loft condominiums. And urban sprawl means even suburban space is beyond the reach of many clubs.

Increasingly, we’re reading stories of clubs losing their leases. On October 29 and 30 this year, the Montreal Railroad Modellers Association will hold its last open house. Then, members will begin the painful process of tearing down the layout they’ve worked on for the past 38 years.

It’s a situation with which the members of the H.O. Model Engineers Society of Hamilton, Ontario are all too familiar. The H.O.M.E.S. Club has moved several times in recent history and has learned a few lessons. Club president Brandon Bayer joins Jim to offer some advice for others contemplating a large club layout.

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