The Model Railway Show – Episode 0026

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Niche pursuits

In this episodeā€¦

Alex Hristov, owner, TT Nut website.
Chris Lane, editor, HOn3 Annual.

Table Top Talk

Next time you’re at the hobby shop and you’re moaning about how the item you want isn’t in stock, think about Alex Hristov and his fellow modelers. They work in TT Scale – which, at 1:120, fits in between HO and N. TT was born, decades ago, in the United States but as HO won the war, TT was kept vibrant in, of all places, eastern Europe and Russia. Regardless, it’s a real wilderness for those like Alex who model North American prototypes.

But such modelers exist – and to help them connect, share techniques and offer general encouragement, Alex has created a website and forum for those who prefer the Table Top scale.

It’s called TT Nut. A quick look around will reveal inspirational modeling as well as links to a number of suppliers, such as the Gold Coast Railway Company and – until recently – Possum Valley Models.

Alex tells Jim about the impetus to create TT Nut, his experience using Shapeways to create product for TT enthusiasts, and how a Russian company is working to bring North American prototypes to market.

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The 2011 HOn3 Annual

The 2011 edition of the HOn3 Annual is out, featuring some two-dozen articles about modeling narrow gauge in North America’s most popular scale.

The cover features a spectacular shot of the HOn3 layout built by the Slim Gauge Guild of Pasadena, California – and it certainly sets the tone for the third edition of this volume. As editor Chris Lane explains, the relatively small size of HOn3 equipment coupled with the huge variety of product available for modelers working in 1:87 is a sure-fire mix to create stunning layouts.

In conversation with Trevor, Chris notes that much has changed in HOn3 over the past three years, with new equipment from companies such as Blackstone Models injecting fresh enthusiasm into the scale/gauge combination.

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