The Model Railway Show – Episode 0030

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S is for…

In this episodeā€¦

Doug Harding, NMRA Special Interest Groups Co-ordinator.
Ed Loizeaux, layout builder and S scale enthusiast.

S is for SIG…

If you’ve ever thought of starting a Special Interest Group, Doug Harding would love to hear from you.

Special Interest Groups (or SIGs) are organizations affiliated with the National Model Railroad Association to promote specific facets of railroading – real or modelled.

Some SIGs focus on modeling: Examples include the Layout Design SIG and the Operations SIG. Others bring together those with an interest in a particular railroad – from the very large (such as the Canadian National Railways Historical Association) to the very small (like The Sugar Cane Railway (Tramline) Modelling Special Interest Group).

The NMRA’s website includes special section on SIGs, including a list of active SIGs and information about how to form one if a favorite topic or railroad is not already covered elsewhere.

As the NMRA’s co-ordinator for SIGs, Doug tells Trevor about the many advantages to being a member of one or more Special Interest Groups. And for those who wonder about their value, Doug describes how belonging to SIGs has helped the development of his own layout, the Iowa Central Railroad.

… and S is for S Scale

First things first: It’s not American Flyer. Ed Loizeaux is clear about that.

Ed has been building scale models in S (1:64) since the 1960s and his New York Central layout has been featured in the hobby press many times, including in the 2005 edition of Great Model Railroads and the October 2009 issue of the Model Railroad Hobbyist ezine.

Ed has also been an active champion of the scale (one that counts both hosts of The Model Railway Show active members). He returns to the show to speak with Jim about how he ended up in S scale, why S scale is often confused with American Flyer, and to dispel a number of myths about working in 3/16-inch to the foot.

Ed notes there’s a small but dedicated group of manufacturers supporting S, including River Raisin Models, American Models, S Helper Service and the S Scale America line from Des Plaines Hobbies. Those listeners who are curious to learn more may want to start at the S Scale Model Railroading web site.

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