The Model Railway Show – Episode 0036

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The Display’s The Thing

In this episodeā€¦

Professor Klyzlr, builder, Brooklyn: 3AM.
Dave Owens, modeler.

Brooklyn: 3AM

Just how impressive can eight square feet of model railway be? Well, if you do as Professor Klyzlr did, you can have people lined up four deep waiting to have a look at your layout.

The Professor took his inspiration from a small corner of the world – at 2nd Avenue and 41st Street in Brooklyn, New York. That’s where, in order to negotiate a tight 90-degree turn, the New York Cross Harbor Railroad cut the corner of Bush Terminal Building 20.

While many of us might build such a scene in a straight-forward way, The Professor developed plans to create an impressive exhibition layout with this scene as its anchor. The result – Brooklyn: 3AM – is described in some detail online, in an issue of the late Carl Arendt’s Small Layout Scrapbook.

The Professor joins Jim to discuss how he added sound, lighting and other effects to transport viewers to a cold, rainy night – a night in which a rave party is taking place in the warehouse above the tracks. He also shares his thoughts on the importance of engaging with the public at an exhibition… and explains the origins of his pseudonym.

The New England/Northeast RPM

A decade ago, the Railroad Prototype Modelers movement gained another gathering – one that has grown to become a must-attend annual event for dozens of top modelers and a handful of manufacturers. It’s the New England/Northeast RPM Meet – taking place June 1-2 in Collinsville, Connecticut.

One of the organizers, Dave Owens, joins Trevor to explain how the meet started and how it has grown. Dave describes what’s in store for this year’s meet, and shares his thoughts about why so many modelers – from across North America and around the world – call the region their modeling home.

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