The Model Railway Show – Episode 0041

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The Terry and Gerry Show

In this episode…

Terry Gaskin, rapid transit modeler and layout builder.
Gerry Cornwell, owner of the Mt. Albert Scale Lumber Company.

Modeling the EL in O

Mass transit is not generally modeled – especially not in North America.

But consider this: Commuter trains, street cars and subways are often the only trains that people interact with today. Millions of us will take a commuter train or subway to work, five days a week – but not see a freight train at all.

As we think about ways to attract more people to the hobby, perhaps one way is to show them it’s possible to model something that’s relevant to their life experience.

If so, then we can look to Chicago native Terry Gaskin for inspiration. Terry is modeling one of the most famous such systems in North America – the Chicago Elevated, in O scale. You can follow his progress on his CTA O Scale L Layout blog, too.

Terry joins Jim to talk about why he chose the elevated as a layout subject and the benefits and hurdles of rapid transit modeling. He also shares some ideas for operating such a system, so that when the layout’s finished the trains don’t just shuttle back and forth.

What’s up with Wood

With modern manufacturing materials such as the goop used in the 3D printing process, it’s useful to remember that traditional materials have an important place in the hobby too.

Take wood, for instance. Wood is one of the most basic building materials for modellers around the world. Wood is easy to cut, saw, drill, sand, shape and glue. It takes paint or stain beautifully. No workshop should be without a good supply of wood – good wood.

One modeler who thinks a lot about wood is Gerry Cornwell. Gerry is the owner of the Mt. Albert Scale Lumber Company – the go-to source for most hobbyists looking for beautiful, scale wood… which many modelers then distress and destroy to create contest-winning structures (but that’s another story).

Gerry joins Trevor to explain how Mt. Albert got started two decades ago, the attraction of modeling in wood, and how his company makes such tiny pieces so precise. (It’s not done by HO scale crews using tiny table saws!)

(By the way, if you’re in southern Ontario on November 3rd, 2012, the Mt. Albert Scale Lumber Company will be open and running demonstrations as part of the 12th annual Hamilton and District Layout Tour, organized by the HOMES Model Railway Club and Museum.)

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