Bathing Beauties – on film

When my wife and I visited the Lynn Valley in 2011, we discovered a small herd of cattle bathing in the river near the twin-span steel deck girder bridge. (Click on the picture below for more on the cattle.)
Bathing Cows! photo LynnValley-03.jpg

I’ve been working on the Lynn River scene near the water tank and wanted to add a bit of ambient sound to the scene to help bring the cows to life. This will be particularly important once I get the rest of the trees built for this area, as they will overhang the river making the cattle less obvious – and therefore a small reward for those who go looking for details on the layout.

Following yesterday’s visit from my friend Hunter Hughson, in which we ran a freight extra to Port Rowan and back, I restaged the train as it appeared after switching the terminal.

Here’s Bathing Beauties – a short video taken as Extra 80 East crosses the Lynn River:

(You can also click here to watch this video on YouTube – where you may be able to view a larger version.)

Yes, I still need to pour the water. I’m not yet ready for that. Stay tuned.

Since I’m thinking about audio a lot these days, I’ll reiterate what I wrote about the turntable video I posted ealier today:

All the sound on this video is natural – i.e.: picked up by the condenser mic on the camera, with no fiddling in the editing suite. The locomotive sound is generated by the on-board Soundtraxx Tsunami decoder, feeding two speakers – a small one in the boiler and a larger, high-bass model in the tender.

The ambient sound includes bird calls, the cattle, and – very, very quietly – some river burbling. I’m representing a fairly sedate river so the only noise the water would make is the occasional eddy around obstructions, like the centre pier of the bridge. And cow legs.