Congrats to the S Scale Workshop

One of the people responsible for my decision to switch to S scale is Jim Martin, my co-host on The Model Railway Show podcast.

Hanging around with Jim and other members of the S Scale Workshop exposed me to what can be done in 1:64. And I talked with Jim a lot before deciding to make the switch.

Jim’s enthusiasm for S and his modest yet positive approach to the hobby is infectious, and he spent a lot of time answering my questions and putting my mind at ease about jumping into what is, let’s face it, a niche scale.

Jim and other members of the S Scale Workshop are too modest to sing their own praises – so I will.

Three members of this group – Jim, Andy Malette of MLW Services*, and Pete Moffett, who among other things, is a founder and director of the Canadian Association of Railway Modellers – took portions of the Workshop’s exhibition layout to TrainFest in Milwaukee this past weekend. And they brought home the “Best in Show – Layout” award.

Given that this annual show, now in its 40th year, covers some 200,000 square feet and featured more than 60 layouts, that’s quite an accomplishment. Well done, guys!

(As an aside, I think it’s interesting that so many of the talented members of the Workshop are so active in giving back to the hobby – as podcasters/authors, manufacturers, volunteers in hobby organizations, and so on.)

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