Envisioning Port Rowan

Layouts under construction are often messy affairs, and no wonder: Construction requires plenty of tools and materials, and layouts tend to have plenty of horizontal surfaces on which those tools and materials can collect.

But at some point, it becomes too messy to work. So yesterday I cleaned up. And since it looked so much better, I thought I’d add a couple of mock-ups to the layout and take a couple of photos. Much squinting and imagineering is required, but here we go:

Arriving in Port Rowan

Port Rowan - rough mock-up.

Mixed train M233 arrives in Port Rowan behind a CNR 4-6-0. The consist includes a boxcar in LCL service, a CNR baggage-mail car, and a CNR combine. A boxcar sits at the end of the team track to the right of the train, while in the distance (above the passenger cars) one can see a two-bay hopper car spotted on the elevated coal delivery track.

The white box at left represents the future location of the turntable (although it will be higher – up at track level, obviously). The blonde wood box at right, just ahead of the train, marks the location of the Port Rowan station. And the tin box in the foreground is a placeholder for the feed mill.

The red plastic tube in the left foreground is a sleeve for the turnout control rod. In the distance, one can discern the twin steel deck girder bridges over the Lynn River and the short steel girder bridge over Stone Church Road.

The end is near

Port Rowan - rough mock-up.

In fact, it’s just a few car-lengths away as the mixed train arrives in Port Rowan. See the previous caption for a general description. The run-around track is to the right of the mixed, and just long enough for the locomotive to clear its train. A boxcar is at end of track, tucked next to the tin box that represents the feed mill.

The turntable and its approach track will be installed after I finish spiking track elsewhere, so I’m not leaning across the turntable to do this.

While only a mock-up, I’m pleased with the feeling of spaciousness I’m achieving on this layout.

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