The NS&T: The end of Port Rowan?

The short answer is “no”. The long answer is “not yet” and “possibly not ever”.

I’ve had a couple of readers ask if my interest in the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway means I will be dismantling the Port Rowan layout.

As I mentioned in my first post about the NS&T, I have a number of issues to address before I decide whether to put Port Rowan in the bin. These include:

1 – Building the NS&T equipment I’ve acquired to my satisfaction.

2 – Building some overhead wire to my satisfaction.

3 – Designing a layout for my space that I would actually want to build and operate.

4 – (And this is important) A commitment to finishing Port Rowan. I’m so close that it would be unfortunate to not do so. Providing circumstances (eg: moving, major mechanical failure in the house, etc.) do not force me to dismantle Port Rowan, I’ll get it done.

Addressing the above four issues could require a few more years. And it’s possible that I may never address all of them, in which case Port Rowan stays put.

It’s true that if I do decide to build an NS&T layout, Port Rowan will have to go. But that’s fine. Most of the investment in this layout is in the skills I’ve developed – which I can carry forward to the next project.

As for the physical plant, most of that is reusable too. Equipment, structures, trees, electronics… all can find a home on my new layout, or on modules for the S Scale Workshop. What would be lost? Some benchwork. Some track. Some basic scenery. That’s about it. I can live with that.

No: I will not be selling off Port Rowan – either whole or in pieces. I’ve had a few people ask about that. It’s not going to happen. See above re: physical plant.

I’m excited about the NS&T because it hits many of my hot buttons. I have a stronger personal connection to it than to Port Rowan, which was chosen simply for achievability. That said, if Port Rowan comes down, it will survive in some form or another. As an example, I may rebuild the terminal area into a module for the S Scale Workshop. We’ll see…

Meantime, I’ve created a new blog about the NS&T precisely because I want a place to collect and organize my thoughts and information about the next layout, without cluttering up the blog about Port Rowan. To that end, I’ll stop posting about the NS&T here. If you want to know more, follow along with the new blog.