The Mixed… fits!

I must admit I was a bit worried…

Passenger cars in S scale are long. My CNR baggage-mail car is about 13 inches, while the CNR combines are a good 15 inches over the vestibules.

Given the space constraints we all face, I planned Port Rowan with a run-around long enough to hold the mixed train… but not much longer. And until I could actually place a full mixed train on the layout I was worried I would not have enough space.

Now that I have my combines, I’ve been able to assemble an S scale representation of the Port Rowan Mixed – and as this photo shows,it fits!

A complete Port Rowan mixed train. Huzzah - it fits!

Well, that’s a relief – and a handsome, pike-sized passenger train, too!

A handsome, pike-sized, passenger train.

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