I made a washer!

Okay, it’s a humble beginning, but…


Last night, my friend Ryan Mendell visited. Ryan is a brilliant machinist, and he offered to give me some instruction on my recently-acquired Sherline lathe. We didn’t worry about measurements, but we talked about set-up and adjustment of the tools and tool holders, then worked through the four basic operations one performs on a lathe – facing, turning, boring, and parting. By the end of the lesson I had the small brass washer pictured above.

What a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to make something else!

5 thoughts on “I made a washer!

  1. Congrats. I bought the Sherline lathe and mill 2 years ago and it’s been a blast. Stepped up to Wabeco benchtop lathe and mill too. Makes one feel like a REAL modeler.

  2. Excellent.
    I remember attending some evening classes, and how it took me two hours to make 3 special nuts from square section steel, to use on a Unimat SL.
    I say two hours to make, but in reality they took a couple of minutes each.
    The rest of the time was spent setting up the lathe tools and learning how to set up square steel bar in an independent 4-jaw chuck so that it was properly centred.

    Could probably do it in a few minutes now, but having someone show me how to do it was so important in not just demonstrating the technique, but in instilling the confidence to give it a go.

    I still treasure the instructor’s comments at the end of the evening: “Nice work. Couldn’t do better myself.”
    (Maybe not, but it would probably have taken him ten minutes from start to finish!)

  3. Cool…. I would not have expected you to bore out the center of a washer. Would have expected it to be drilled on the lathe. I’ve not done much boring yet, so seems like good fun.

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