A fresh look at the terminal in Port Rowan

A fellow hobbyist got in touch yesterday to ask if he could use an overall photo of my layout in a presentation he’s doing at a convention in his area – and I was happy to oblige. But I realized that I didn’t have a suitable, current photograph. So off to Port Rowan I went, to shoot a few options for him.

Those are now on the way to him via email, but since I haven’t shared photos of the layout in a while, I thought I’d post them here too.

This photo provides a nice overview of the terminal at Port Rowan. I’ve shot this vantage point before, but not since adding trees to both the left (backdrop) and right (fascia) sides of the yard:

Port Rowan overview

This is another shot I’ve taken before, looking along the turntable lead towards the yard entrance. I like it better now that I have those two large trees in place to the left of the track:

Port Rowan turntable

Here’s a photo of Port Rowan taken from across the aisle at St. Williams. It’s a good overview that emphasizes the spread-out nature of this small branchline terminal:

Port Rowan overview

This next photo is another shot I frequently take – looking up the line from end of track in Port Rowan, at track level. I’ve always liked this shot, but it’s even better with extra trees to frame the scene – including additional trees across the aisle in St. Williams:

Port Rowan - along the track

This final photo is probably the best one to illustrate how the layout fits into the room, but it’s also the weakest in terms of composition – in no small part because the end of the peninsula (closest to the camera) is so unfinished compared to the rest of the layout. The Lynn Valley is out of view to the upper right.

Port Rowan - from end of peninsula

Every so often, I need to photograph the layout to make a record of the progress that I’ve made on it. But I haven’t been doing that lately as other things have taken priority. So I’m grateful that I was approached about sharing some images – and flattered that someone would want to use my layout to illustrate a point in their clinic.

17 thoughts on “A fresh look at the terminal in Port Rowan

  1. Trevor
    The overall shots show the beauty of your railroad. It is stunning. You have show what can be done in a relatively small space by keeping the design simple.

    Quality not quantity.

    Well done,

  2. The turntable scene really does a lot to illustrate the small-scale operation of your railroad. It’s nicely overgrown, but not inoperable and clearly still in use. Nice job, it looks great.

  3. Thank you for the updated photographs of the layout. I do enjoy seeing the new perspectives and those that show the layout as a model railroad in a room, for the way they help me understand what it must be like to see in person.

    Thank you for taking these and for sharing them.


  4. Good to see Port Rowan has “aged”. Great looking scenery and realistic because you left room for the vegetation.
    Thanks for the updated photos.
    Cheers, Gord

  5. Trevor, a joy to see these larger views. The layout has great character, I would think it is a joy to operate, like taking a trip through a story. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I really wasn’t fishing for compliments, but they’re always lovely to receive.

  7. Wow, just spectacular to see these pictures. I’ve been following the blog for several years and these are by far the best photos of it, no small thanks due to the trees.

    One thought: the apologies for the composition of the last photo are not necessary. Composition is about what you’re trying to tell the viewer, how you lead their eye through the scene. It’s about the intent and control of the image. Frankly, I think it’s perfect in that image because the idea is how the layout fits in the space, not about how complete the layout is.

    Overall a brilliant layout I wish was local so I could see it in person.

  8. Trevor,
    We beem looking at the same foam core mockups of the station and feed mill for years now. Are these the last major structures to be completed? And do you have a timelone for starting a build?

    Everytime I see a photo of your layout, I enjoy the simplicity of the backdrop. It is refreshing to the eyes after seeming layout after layout with photo backdrops. If I was to build indoors ever again, I think I would have a simpler, simple approach.

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