A pair of Seltzers

Well, I’m honoured!

Seltzers x2

Yesterday’s post included a pleasant gift. This website won the 2018 Josh Seltzer Award from the National Association of S Gaugers. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

As the photo above shows, my blog also won in 2016. Not to make light of these awards, but if I win every other year I’m going to quickly run out of wall space. So here’s the challenge:

If you’re modelling in S scale, and you haven’t already done so… start a blog.

Share your progress on models. Give us a tour of your layout. Share your thoughts on the state of the hobby in general, and of S scale in particular. (If you need some ideas about how to start, check out my post, “Why you should consider blogging“.)

Let others know you’re doing this so they can follow along – by cross-posting to the S Scale newsgroups, S Scale SIG, S Scale groups on social media, etc.

And perhaps in a couple of years, you will be looking for a spot to hang your Josh Seltzer Award!

(Thank you, again, to the members of the NASG for these awards. They’re wonderful!)

10 thoughts on “A pair of Seltzers

  1. Trevor
    A well deserved accolade from the 1/64″ community.
    You are a great communicator. Your stories are engaging and entertaining.
    I still love when you cited the line “breaking Marley’s chains”.


  2. Congrats! You certainly deserve these awards as your blog is truly entertaining and thoughtful. Not only on modeling, but other subjects as well.
    Cheers, Gord

  3. Congratulations and well done! Although I model in H.O., I have found your blog to be extremely helpful. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Pete:
      I was going to be funny and say “They gave it to The Other Guy last year”, but it turns out there was no award in 2017. I think this speaks to the lack of S scale-specific websites and blogs on the Internet, and is yet another reason to encourage those in the 1:64 community to share what they’re doing.

      The complete list of winners can be found here on the NASG website.

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