First cows, now bullfrogs:

Bullfrogs, from Fast Tracks.

I spent an evening at the workbench assembling Bullfrogs. These are mechanical linkages for controlling turnouts, designed and manufactured by Tim Warris at Fast Tracks*. They’re quick and easy to build – and inexpensive, too.

As the photo shows, I’ve done all eight that I’ll need for my layout, spending about 15 minutes on each one.

I will be using Hex Frog Juicers from Tam Valley Depot to control polarity of the turnout frogs so I did not bother mounting the control switch included with each kit. I also did not bother installing the steel ball and spring that provides a positive locking action since I plan to use a control on the fascia that includes a positive locking mechanism.

I’ll give the excess gear back to Tim next time I see him, so he can sell it to somebody else.

(Thanks for another great product, Tim!)

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